Thursday, September 24, 2009

No More High Chairs.. Kaboost is ALL U Need!

Elevate your thinking…and your child with Kaboost!

So what is KABOOST?? It's a compact and portable chair booster that raises the height of kitchen and dining room chairs so your child can sit at the table just like any other big kid.

• Snaps-on chair in Seconds!
• Engineered to improve chair stability.
• Holds up to 300 lbs.
• Stays attached even when chair is moved.
• Grows with your child - 2 Height Positions!

The Kaboost works off of spring-loaded arms! Simply pull and let go and the Rubberized Non-Slip Feet will do the rest.. Attaches to ANY Square or Round 4 legged chair.

So stop sweating with hearing your Lil' youngster whine about sitting with the "Big Kids" - Make it happen with the Kaboost.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BearView Mirror - Cute & Useful!!

As a mommy of 4 I know how challenging Car rides with my youngsters can be!

It's a constant and never ending needing of something. Well, finally there is some thing on the market that can help Mommies with overload!

Take a look @ this.. The BearView Infant Car Mirror - It's Cute & Useful!

The handy BearView Infant Mirror
allows us mommies to safely keep an eye on our lil ones in the back, with a whole lot less Stress!

The BearView Mirror Features:
  • A Plush 14" Tall Bear
  • 7" Convex Plastic Mirror
  • EASY Bean Bag Placement & Anchoring System!
A Must-Have for New & Expectant Mommies! Makes an even better Shower Gift. Will be talk of the Shower!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Huggable Pacifier - Pepper The Pink Piggy!!

Tired of your babies pacifier always falling out?? Meet the Huggable Pacifier!

What is a Huggable Pacifier? Well... t
his cute little piggy was born when a Pediatrician became a Mom!

She knew a babies first reflexes as a infant is to hug and to grab their little chests. So by attaching a small stuffed animal to a HOSPITAL grade pacifier the baby would be able to hold the paci in it's mouth without constantly falling out and onto the ground. Which saves Mommies like us Time & Energy!!

The Huggable Pacifier by Pacimal is:

  • A handmade toy of the softest plush available and filled with light and squeezable stuffing, perfect for little fingers.
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe, she arrives complete with one clear naturally-shaped silicone pacifier.
  • The pacifier is REMOVABLE from stuffed animal! With vibrant pacifier replacement colors available.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

After nearly two years of business and finding resources for moms, babies and kids, some standouts take center stage as the most unique Mother's Day gifts we can find. Admittedly, mom sometimes takes a backseat to the little ones, but not today! Enjoy...

Our Top 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Gift Certificates is always a Hit with Mom!
  2. The Boon Squirt Spoon for those on the go mommies...
  3. A NEW Quinny Stroller (having a spectacular Mother's Day Sale on ALL Quinny's)
  4. A Bath Tub Organizer..So no More mess in the tub for mommy! The Boon Frog Pod
  5. And the Ultimate Mommy Time Saver for that Special Mom. The Lil Rinser!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Child Time Out Pad w/ Timer & HAPPY Song!

March 24th 8am-1pm ONLY $28.99


The Time Out Pad by Keen.

Look at this Momma's!! This handy lil gadget helps parents make the most out of the time out technique.

How does this lil gadget work?

The time out pad comes with a timer. So you set the timer & place the child on the pressure sensitive pad. The pad works off a traffic system. Red light, Yellow light & Green light.

So i
f the child would happen to get up from the pad before the time is up. An alarm will sound, letting the child & parent know that the child has gotten up!! How COOL is that! Once the child sits back down the timer will resume where it left off. After the time is over the child will hear a HAPPY SONG - giving positive reinforcement!

I use this product at home with my oldest son & I LOVE it! My lil guy is not one to sit down and stay still! This pad teachs him how & rewards him for it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Halo SleepSack - The Wearable Blanky!

Look at this expectant moms! Finally there is baby blanket that actually works!

With the SleepSack(TM) wearable blanky it replaces other loose blankets for a cozier & safer way to sleep.

So No More Worries about kicking this blanky off!! It won't happen!

The Halo Sleep Sack ONLY 24.99!!

With Halo's safety features like:

Reduces the risk of rebreathing (the inhalation of carbon dioxide), which has been associated as a possible cause of SIDS.

  • Carries the "#1 Safe Sleep Product" gold seal from First Candle/SIDS Alliance.

  • Has a inverted zipper which makes diaper changes a breeze & won't pinch baby's skin!

A MUST HAVE Mommy Product!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Baby Bargains GRAB-It Day!

5 HOT HOURS ONLY! Squirt Spoon Only $6.50
PLUS FREE Baby Recipes! March 10th 8-1pm

Look at this mommies! Finally there is baby feeding spoon that is made for the on the go mommies. So if you have no time to make your babies time consuming baby cereal before rushing out the door? Or taking baby food in a glass jar and worrying about it breaking in the diaper bag? No More Worries!!

With the Boon Squirt Dispensing Spoon just put the food in the spoon & the cover on and you are ready to run. This spoon allows for convenient feeding that fits on your schedule. With it’s easy-to-fill bulb that holds 3 ounces of food simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food for your baby.

With it's neat features like:

  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Convenient one-handed feeding.
  • Protective cover that keeps the spoon clean between feedings.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flash Light On A Nail Clippers?

Lighted Nail Clipper…

Take a look at this mom's! A Baby Nail Clipper with a night light!
So never again will you snip the end of your babies skin when clipping. It has Safety Guards.

With it's neat features like:

  • Safety Guards…
  • Prevents tiny fingertip from going in between blades.
  • Nail Clipping Tray…
  • Prevent clippings from falling into baby's bedding.
  • Comfort Control Handle… For easy holding and maneuvering.
  • Travel Case… Perfect for moms on the go & includes AA Battery and Travel Case.

This nail clippers is a mommy's DREAM! With every thing a mommy needs.

Get your clever baby lighted nail clippers for your baby!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil' Rinser - A Mommy Life Saver!!

I think every mommy has been there. With a young tot in the bathtub screaming at the top of their lungs when the nasty & dreadful soap bottle comes out!!

Well with this revolutionary product NO MORE!!!

Lil’ Rinser – “Your Shampooing Solution”

In my book it is simply the best invention ever made!! It’s your Shampooing Solution the hair washing helper. So make your life easier Mom’s! Just place the lil’ rinser above the child's ears and pooof!!! Finally an answer to end all the tears!

Get the Life Saving Lil' Rinser - No More Tears!!