Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flash Light On A Nail Clippers?

Lighted Nail Clipper…

Take a look at this mom's! A Baby Nail Clipper with a night light!
So never again will you snip the end of your babies skin when clipping. It has Safety Guards.

With it's neat features like:

  • Safety Guards…
  • Prevents tiny fingertip from going in between blades.
  • Nail Clipping Tray…
  • Prevent clippings from falling into baby's bedding.
  • Comfort Control Handle… For easy holding and maneuvering.
  • Travel Case… Perfect for moms on the go & includes AA Battery and Travel Case.

This nail clippers is a mommy's DREAM! With every thing a mommy needs.

Get your clever baby lighted nail clippers for your baby!!

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