Thursday, September 24, 2009

No More High Chairs.. Kaboost is ALL U Need!

Elevate your thinking…and your child with Kaboost!

So what is KABOOST?? It's a compact and portable chair booster that raises the height of kitchen and dining room chairs so your child can sit at the table just like any other big kid.

• Snaps-on chair in Seconds!
• Engineered to improve chair stability.
• Holds up to 300 lbs.
• Stays attached even when chair is moved.
• Grows with your child - 2 Height Positions!

The Kaboost works off of spring-loaded arms! Simply pull and let go and the Rubberized Non-Slip Feet will do the rest.. Attaches to ANY Square or Round 4 legged chair.

So stop sweating with hearing your Lil' youngster whine about sitting with the "Big Kids" - Make it happen with the Kaboost.

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